How We Plan to Reopen

Our official plan for reopening Abundant Life

We're Reopening In Phases

Following our Federal, State, and Local government guidelines, we are planning to reopen in a set of three-phases. In order to provide flexibility to our plan no dates have been given. Additionally, please note that our phased approach may not coincide with the State's phased plan to reopen.


Home Gatherings


Continue digital gatherings with Online Institute Classes & Small Groups. The Church at Home Experience is based on your level of comfort. We'll be encouraging you to gather in homes to connect and discuss weekend messages or other content.


Church In Communities


Continuing practices from phase one, we'll be inviting people back to campus, in a limited capacity, each Sunday based on the community in which they live. This will coincide with Federal, State, and Local guidelines.



Church at Church


While continuing with the practices of the previous phases and we'll be reopening our building with the proper safety precautions in place.

Church at Home

View the church at home guide and how to host digital gatherings

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ALCC's 3 phases lined up directly with the NYS Governments phases?

They are not directly aligned because the government's phases are not yet specific to  gathering sizes. However, we will be strictly following the governments gathering guidelines as they are published

How will I know when we moved into a different church phase?

We will announce it in the following ways:
The platform during our services
- All social media platforms
- Push notifications on our church app
- Email to our congregation

Why don't we just do smaller services at the church until we can do normal size services?

We believe, due to the virus and gathering regulations this would not currently be safe or a superior experience to doing it at home. As soon as we believe the experience on-site can be safe and superior to the experience you can create at home, we will move to Phase 3: Church at Church.

Where can I learn how to use video conferencing?

Visit our Church at Home page for links to tutorials for Zoom and Google Meet.

Where can I go to ask questions and get more information about re-opening?

You can email Or text "Reopen" to (315) 888-5332.

When can I expect the church to meet in our normal gathering?

We don't know exactly when we can do this due to the fluid nature of the virus and our government's regulations. We can't wait until the day that we can safely gather together again!

Who can I invite over to my house during Phase 1: Digital + Home Gatherings?

Whomever you would like. It is entirely up to you as to how you do church at home with other people. We would ask that you do not invite more people to your home than what is limited by our government regulations when Phase two begins.

Can I only invite church friends to my house?

You can invite anyone you would like! This is a great opportunity to invite people that may not go to church regularly. We encourage you to invite anyone you feel comfortable with having in your home.

What if I am uncomfortable gathering with other people physically?

We understand why you may feel that way. Please only do whatever you are comfortable with. We encourage you to find other ways to connect during this time. The church is meant to be done in community.

Do I need to tell the church I am hosting a group?

No, you do not have to report anything to us in order to host a gathering. But we would like for you to let us know on live chat about your experience during one of the services. We'd love to hear from you!